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Morbosidad Usa Demonic Plague and Deadly Commands & Legions of the Unholy Live DVD: Pro Manufactured DVD Release!!! Total Black Metal Terror in Live in Oakland, CA, 12.18.04 + Live in Chicago 01.22.05!!! Includes Beherit Cover: Salomon´s Gate - Live in Salt Lake City!!!


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Absu Usa Arlington, TX 3/22/97 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! 52 min of Black Thrash Metal Sorcery!!! Includes Kult Metal Clips + Photos + Discography!!! 

Archgoat Nor 1992 and 1993 Live Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! 39 min of Unholy Black Metal Hell!!! Includes Performing Live: Rubimcki, Finland 1992 and Kuopio, Finland 3/13/93: 2 Full-length Performances!!!

Atomizer Aus Live Compilation 2002-2003 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Atomizer is self described as 'Evil Fuckin, hell rockin, black ritual slayin, metal from down under.' Atomizer conjures very memorable, yet raw music. The DVD includes 16 live tracks from five separate performances between 2002-2003. All footage was hand selected/ supplied by the band themselves as some of their best existing live footage. All the video clips feature full songs and good-to-excellent quality video. The material performed spans their entire discography including stuff from their third album "The Only Weapon of Choice."

Barathrum Fin Live in Koupio, Finland 03/13/93 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Barathrum from Finland was created in the early nineties along with bands like Beherit and have enormously refined their sound over the years. This DVD represents their early RAW, PRIMAL, and possibly tribal Black Metal conjurations. A dark and gloomy atmosphere, grueling, entangling riffs and, most important, great songs, which are mostly slow to midtempo, concentrating more on percussion than melody. Demonos Sova, covered in blood, spikes, and war-paint, centers the stage and beats a large drum with Bones while chanting Satanic blasphemy. Intense and insidious. DVD contains 3 photo galleries and a discography. Show is 29 min long.

Beherit Fin Beherit: Live in Riihimaki and Nokia Unofficial!!! Black Cover Edition!!! 49 min. of Real Black Metal Desecration!!! Includes menus with Beherit audio and 3 photo galleries with audio. More extremely rare shows! The first show is in Nokia, Finland 3/8/91. Sound is stereo, nice and clear. Video is in black and white slightly fuzzy quality. Musi is clear and brutal. This show is a great performance from a truly evil act. Insidious vocals! The Second show is in Riihimaki, Finland 8/21/92. Sound is stereo and clear. Video is in colour, but picture has considerable streaking from degradation. However, this is the closest camera work we´ve ever seen on a Beherit video. The camera is right next to Holocausto! Be aware that this footage is raw, nasty, and truly for the underground!

Beherit Fin Live in Joensuu 2/8/92 and Finland 1/27/94  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Includes menus with Beherit audio and 3 photo galleries with audio. These shows are extremely rare! The first show is in Finland 1/27/94. Sound is stereo and nice and clear. Video is in color but fuzzy quality. The Second show is in Joensuu, Finland 2/8/92. Sound is stereo but extremely crisp. Video is in black and white, fuzzy but clearer in picture than the previous show. The guitar sound on this one is freaking EVIL! HAIL HOLOCAUSTO!

Black Witchery Usa LIVE in San Antonio, TX 12/01/01 and VANCOUVER, CANANDA 7/21/00  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Dark and evil, barbaric black/war metal played with utter hatred and blasphemy...a monument of true cult black metal. The way it was meant to be; raw, primitive and ugly. The most destructive and soul-ripping music ever to be released by an american band. Full color, with good stereo sound. Camera is on a stand. Overall band shots and lots of closeups. Hoods and bullets, these guys are creepy as fuck. San Antonio, TX 12/01/01 show is 39 minutes long, VANCOUVER, CANANDA 7/21/00 show is 25 minutes long. This DVD is guaranteed to make you a BLACK WITCHERY fanatic.

Blasphemy Can Blasphemy: Live in Denmark & Vancouver Unofficial!!! Black Cover Edition!!! Black Metal Masters Live in Denmark 9/11/93 & Vancouver, Canada 7/21/00!!! Blasphemy first emerged in ´89 with some of the most unholy, blasting black thunder ever recorded at the time. Comparable to early Beherit and modern Black Witchery. Both shows on this Dvd in full colour with stereo sound. Shows are 35 and 40 mins long. Dvd includes menus, chapters for each show, and Blasphemy audio.

Darkthrone Nor Live 2 DVD SET  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! All four known recorded live performances in one fucking killer package. DVD 1 includes Oslo, Norway tv 1989 and Rihimaki, Finland 3/5/91. DVD 2 includes Lahti, Finland 4/5/91 and Oslo, Norway 4/6/96. Menus, rare pics gallery. Weve seen lots of shitty hundredth generation dubs of these, and these are great if not the best existing copies of these performances. Own a part of black history preserved on these discs.

Demoncy Usa Live in Indianapolis, IN 7/15/03  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Filming and witnessing this live performance quickly vaulted Demoncy to one our all-time favorite black metal acts. Demoncy is one of the most important and one of the most long-standing USBM bands. Demoncy have managed to capture a nightmarish world of sonic evil with distanced tremolo-picked speed fests, coupled with slow sections full of sludgey, doomy riffs. Ixithra's drumming is top-notch. The band is tight, perfect, and flawlessly intense. You really get the sense that this material wasn't written by normal-minded people. The video uses two separate camera angles for various close-ups and overall band shots. Video is in color and perfect first-generation quality. The audio was captured in digital stereo. The live show is 45 minutes long. Extras on DVD include chapters for easy show navigation. Even if you've never heard Demoncy before, you will WANT to watch this show multiple times just to absorb it's true black essence. This DVD will set the standard for professional underground video quality. Easily our BEST DVD EVER.

Gehenna Nor Trier, Germany 10/01/96 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Gehenna was formed in January 1993 as a nameless project by Sanrabb, Dolgar and Sir Vereda. They didn't give the band a name until they had enough material which would represent their voice. In May of the same year, the trio entered the studio to record a Demo. Sanrabb and Dolgar shared the duty of guitars, vocals, bass and synth, while Sir Vereda took his seat behind the drum set. Killer Show!!!

Grotesque Swe Live in Gothenburg, Sweden 8/13/90 and Uppsala, Sweden 1989 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Grotesque was an evil early version of what later would become one of the most influential death metal bands ever - 'At the Gates.' Grotesque was first started in the late 80's, and was one of 'Tomas Lindbergs' first serious bands. The group also featured 'Kristian Wahlin' who later on became a well-known cover artist for black metal bands (example - Emperor -In the Nightside Eclipse) as well as Shamaatae on drums now fronting the amazing black metal band Arckanum. Both shows are evil and intense. Shows are 39 min and 29 min long. This band had such a powerful presence, they must be seen to be believed. This DVD is a true testament to the evolution of black/ death metal today.

Horna Fin Live in Varastotalo, Lappeenranta and Germendorf, Germany Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! This band is totally underrated in the usa! If you haven't heard Horna, you owe it to yourself to check out all of their releases. . . . This dvd includes menus with Horna audio and a photo gallery and discography with audio. Also includes their ultra rare demo "Varjoissa" from 1995! One show is in Varastotalo, Lappeenranta 12/27/97 and the other is in Germendorf, Germany 7/06/01. Both videos are in full color and decent quality. Music is clear and intense. Brightly lit stage and the camera travels all around the band, even right next to the drummer Gorthaur at times! The vocalist wields a double-bladed war axe, Breathes Fire and screeches insanely! Excellen! The Germany show has multiple camera angles and pro video effects.

Judas Iscariot Usa Judas Iscariot: Live in San Antonio TX, Usa 12/01/01 Unofficial!!! Black/Red Cover Edition!!! Raw Unholy Black Metal Holocaust!!! Includes a menu with Judas Iscariot audio and a photo/discography gallery with audio. Also includes a bonus video performance of "The Heavens Drop with Human Gore" from the Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Festival December 4, 1999. The main show is in San Antonio, TX 12/01/01 at the annual Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Festival. The live show is 40 minutes long. Proscriptor on drums! Sound is stereo and very clear. Video is in full colour and excellent quality. Music is clear and intense. The atmosphere is dark and dreary, with mostly candlelight on stage, a few stage lights but not too many. This is a good thing! The overall mood is evil and hateful!

Mayhem Nor Rehearsal, Norway 1990 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! 69 min of the Kult Black Metal Masters in Rehearsal Room!!! Includes Kult Photos!!!

Mortuary Drape Ita Italy 7/26/90 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Mortuary Drape Occult Black Metal in live terror!!! Unholy Metal Desecration! Good fukking quality!!! Gods!!!!!! Kult!!!!!!!!!666

Mutiilation Fra Germendorf, Germany 7/7/01 Unofficial!!! Red/Black Cover Edition!!! Unholy Black Metal Mutilation!!! Show is 30 min long. The show is perfect! Mutiilation appears live outdoors, on a large stage. This is a great looking and sounding show! This show has multiple camera angles and fades and all sorts of fancy video shit. Almost too fancy for ultra-raw Mutiilation. This is one of the only two shows ever captured live of this now legendary band. Extras include Mutiilation audio and menus and chapters for the show.

Nargaroth Ger Live in Erfurt  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Includes a menu with Nargaroth audio and a photo gallery with audio. Kanwulf screeches out the most raw, insanely-hatefilled black metal we've ever seen live . . . The show is a little under an hour long. Nargaroth appears Live in Erfurt in a very dreary dark establishment which is the perfect atmosphere for their form of blisteringly depressing, grueling raw black metal. The camera is right up front, so there's absolutely nothing blocking your view. At times Kanwulf is right on top of the camera.

Nargaroth Ger Live in Nobitz and Bitterfeld Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Includes a menu with Nargaroth audio and a photo gallery with audio. These shows are SO intense!. Kanwulf shoots into the crowd, lights a shirt on fire (just like the cover of AMAROK CD), plays a Burzum cover song and screeches out the most raw, insanely-hatefilled black metal. The live shows are about 1 hour 10 mins long. The first show is Live in Nobitz (Black & white, fuzzy quality but right up front). The Next show is live in Bitterfeld and is in color (clear, but farther back in the crowd). This is the best set with the most insanity.

Possessed Usa Long Beach, CA. 12/19/86 and 4/11/87 Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! Possessed are hailed as the godfathers of the death metal genre. They're considered the first death metal group with the name coming from the last track off their "Seven Churches" album called "Death Metal." Though they're hailed for being the first death metal band, they technically only coined the term death metal as their sound was more thrash influenced music with overly Satanic themed lyrics. This Time enjoy these Kult Shows in Long Beach, CA, Usa or Die!!!

Sarcófago Bra Sarcófago Live in Peru 1993 Unofficial!!! Black Cover Edition!!! Old and Barbaric Black Death Metal from these living legends. Great performance, full-set, clear video, good sound!!! Kult!!!

Satanic Skinhead Propaganda - Annihilate this cesspool Usa A-5 English Pro UG design+DVD CASE!
Exclusive Inties w/Goat Penis, Revenge J. Read, Conqueror R. Forster,  
Angelcorpse/Revenge Pete Helmkamp + Exclusive Photos
+ Dvd: Annihilate this cesspool
+ Cd-r: Goat Penis - Celebrating the revenge of al the times!!! Kult!!!

Watain Swe Live in Germany 2002  Unofficial!!! Red Cover Edition!!! You shouldn't need an introduction to this band, unless you're a pile of Xtian shit, but just in case - WATAIN is pure true black metal in the style of HORNA or DEATHSPELL OMEGA. Phenomenal 30 minute blood-drenched performance, using multiple camera angles and good sound. Perfect quality video. Our only apology is that the show is cut abruptly at the end.