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Abigail Jap Alive…in Italy
Abigail Jap Forever Street Metal Bitch 2003
Absu Usa The Third Storm of Cythraul 1997
Acheron Usa Compendium Diablerie - The Demo Days
Agatus The Weaving Fates 2002
Amaka Hahina  Fra Aheah Saergathan 2002
Ammit Chi Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno 2004
Anatomy Aus Twisting Depths of Horror 1993
Ancient Gods Usa Mystic Lands 2001
Ancient Gods / Infinitum Obscure Usa Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum 2003
Angmar Fin The Razorblade Redemption 2003
Anton Lavey Usa Satan takes a Holiday 2002
Anubis Lit God´s Pantheon
Anwyl Usa Blood Mary 1999
Aquer Chi Athanatos 2004
Arghoslent Usa Incorrigible Bigotry 2002
Armagedda Usa Ond Spiritism 2004
Atomizer Aus Death Mutation Disease Annihilation 2002
Avenger Czech Rep  Live At Open Hell Fest 2003 2003
Avenger Czech Rep  Godless 2003
Avulsed Spa Yearning for the Grotesque 2002
Baalberith / Blodarv Aus / Den Drightenlands / Mysteriis 2002
Balberith / Kratornas Sin / Phi South East Goatworship 2007
Beherit Fin Live Joensuu 8.2.1992
Beherit Fin Drawing Down the Moon 1992
Beherit / Impaled Nazarene  Fin Day of Darkness Festifall - Live 23-8-91 Oulu, Finland
Besatt Pol Hail Lucifer 2002
Bestial Holocaust Bol Exterminacion Final 2006
Bestial Holocaust Bol Exterminacion Final 2007
Bestial Warlust Aus Blood & Valour 1995
Black Crucifixion Fin The Fallen One of Flames 2002
Black Funeral Usa Empire of Blood 1997
Black Witchery Usa Desecration of the Holy Kingdom 2005
Black Witchery Usa Desecration of the Holy Kingdom 2005
Blasphemy Can Live Ritual - Friday the 13th 2002
Blodarv / Baalberith Den / Aus Mysteriis / Drightenlands 2002
Blood Vengeance Ger Iron Warfare 2004
Bloodsick / The Spawn of Satan Usa S/T
Burntoffering Usa Walk of the Dead 1998
Burzum Nor Filosofem 1996
Burzum Nor Stemmen Fra Tarnet 2007
Burzum Nor Burzum / Aske 1995
Carcass Eng Flesh Ripping Syphony
Carnivore Usa Carnivore 2001
Celestia Fra Dead Insekta Sequestration 2001
Celtic Frost Swi Morbid Tales 1999
Celtic Frost Swi To Mega Therion
Celtic Frost Swi Reign of Steel 2005
Conqueror Can War Cult Supremacy 2002
Corpus Christii Por In League with Black Metal 2003
Corpus Christii / Thesyre Por F.O.A.D.
Cult of Daath Usa Slit Throats and Ritual Nights 2004
DaemonLord Spa The Sign (Key of the Underworld...Pt.1) 2002
Deämon  Can End of Ages 1999
Death Usa Demo #3 #4 #5 + Live
Death Usa Demo #1, #2 & Rehearsal Demos
Deathspawn Destroyer Fin The First Bestial Butchery 2004
Deathspell Omega Fra Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum 2007
Decayed Por The Conjuration of the Southern Circle
Deceiver Swe S/T 2004
Decieverion Usa S/T 2002
Desaster Ger Tyrants of the Netherworld 2000
Destruction Ger Sentence of Death / Infernal Overkill 1984
Destruction Ger Mad Butcher + Eternal Devastation 1987
Disguise Ita Human Primordial Instinct 2002
Dismember Demos 89-90
Draconis Usa The Highest of all Dark Powers 1999
Dream Sovereign Aus Degradation 1998
Earth Aus Star Condemn..d 2004
Elite Nor Kampen 2004
Embalmed Usa Unholy Torment 2004
Emperor Nor In the Nightside Eclipse 1994
Emperor Nor Emperor / Wrath of the Tyrant 1999
Emperor Nor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk 1997
Emperor vs. Thorns Nor S/T
Exciter Can The Dark Command 1997
Exciter Can Blood of Tyrants 2000
Exodus Usa Bonded by Blood 1999
Flagellum Dei Por Tormentor...Of the False Creator
Frost Hun Extreme Loneliness - Fragments 2004
Funeral Mist Swe Salvation 2003
Funereal Moon Mex Taumo Genesis  2003
Gnostic Usa Evoking the Demon
Goat Fire Ita Fiendish Ruminations
Goat Horns Eng Magician of Black Chaos
Goat Horns / The True Endless Eng / Ita S/T 2002
Goat Semen Per En Vivo En Lima Hell 2007
Gonkulator Usa Second War in Heaven 2001
Gospel of the Horns Aus A Call to Arms 2002
Gospel of the Horns Aus The Satanist..s Dream 1995
Grand Belial´s Key Usa Judeobeast Assassination 2002
Grim Force Jap Circulation to Conclusion 2000
Grimorium Verum Ecu Demo 94-95 2007
Hades Nor The Dawn of the Dying Sun 1996
Hadez Per Aquelarre 2001
Immortal Nor Plague of Evil
Immortal Nor Pure Holocaust 1993
Impaled Nazarene Fin Nihil 2000
Impaled Nazarene / Beherit Fin Day of Darkness Festifall - Live 23-8-91 Oulu, Finland
Impiety Sin Skullfucking Armageddon 1999
Impiety Sin Paramount Evil 2004
Infernal Col The Infernal Compendium 2003
Infinitum Obscure / Ancient Gods Usa Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum 2003
Ironfist Sin Fistial Destruction
Katatonia Brave Yester Days
King Diamond Den Voodoo 1998
Korrozia Metalla Rus Russian Vodka 2007
Kratornas / Balberith Phi / Sin South East Goatworship 2007
Krieg Usa The Church 2001
Krieg Usa Destruction Ritual 2002
Krisiun Bra Conquering North America 1999-2000
Lucifugum Urk Stigma Egoista 2004
Maniac Butcher Cze Live in Germany 2002
Manipulated Slaves Jap The Legendary Black Jade 2001
Masacre Col Sacro 2004
Masacre Col Muerte Verdadera Muerte 2001
Masacre Col Colombia...Imperio del Terror / Cancer de Nuestro Dias 2004
Master´s Hammer Cze Llágry 1995
Mayhem Nor Live in Leipzig 1999
Mayhem Nor Mediolanum Capta Est 1999
Mayhem Nor Live in Leipzig
Mayhem / The Meads of Asphodel Freezing Moon / Jihad
Mayhem Nor Last Breath: (Last recordings with DEAD) 2007
Maze of Torment Swe The Force 1996
Mephiztophel / Utuk Xul Col S/T 2005
Mercyful Fate Den The Live Oath
Mercyful Fate Den In the Shadows 1993
Moonblood Ger Fur Den Sieg 2005
Moonblood Ger Supreme Black Force of German Steel 2005
Morning Star Fin Finnish Metal 2003
Mortifera Fra Complainte d..une Agonie Celeste 2002
Mortuary Drape Ita Tolling 13 Knell 2000
Mutilator Bra Immortal Force 2003
Mystifier Bra The Fourth Evil Calling from the Abyss (Tormenting the Holy Trinity) 2001
Mystifier Bra The World is so good that who made it doesn..t live here 1996
Mystifier Bra "The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn’t Live Here" + "Aleister Crowley" 2005
Narcotic Greed Jap Twicet of Fate 2001
Necromantia Gre IV : Malice 2000
Necromantia Gre Covering Evil (12 years doing the Devils Work)
Negurâ Bunget Rom Sala Molksa
Neurosis Inc Col 15 años de guerra 2003
Nile Usa Black Seeds of Vengeance 2000
Nile Usa In their Darkened Shrines 2002
Nile Usa In the Beginning 2000
Nile Usa Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka 1998
Nocturnal Feelings Col Nocturnal Attack 2004
Nuclear Death Usa For Our Dead / All Creatures Great and Eaten 2002
Nunslaughter Usa One Night in Hell 2001
Nunslaughter Usa Waiting to Kill Christ 2002
Nunslaughter Usa Hate your God 2003
Nunslaughter Usa Goat 2003
Obskure Torture Den Necro Rituals
Order from Chaos Usa An Ending in Fire 1998
Order from Chaos Usa Stillbirth Machine - Crushed Infamy 1998
Pagan Winter Ger The Cult of Flesh 2002
Panic Bra Boiling Point 1996
Pentacle Hol Ancient Death 2002
Pentagram Chi Reborn 2001 2001
Possessed Usa Seven Churches 1998
Primigenium Spa Art of War 1997
Proscriptor Usa The Serpentine has risen 1997
Raptor Hol Worship The Goat
Reencarnación Col 888 Metal 2004
Revenge Can Attack, Blood, Revenge 2001
Revenge Can Triumph, Genocide, Antichrist 2003
Rigor Sardonicous Usa Principia Sardonica 2004
Rok Aus This is Satanik 1998
Rotting Christ Gre The Mystical Meeting 1995
Rotting Christ Gre Non Serviam 1994
Sabbat Jap Satanasword 2002
Sabbat Jap Satanasword 2002
Sabbat Jap Karmagmassacre 2003
Sabbat / Surrender of Divinity Jap / Tha Sabbatical Siamese Christ Beheading 2006
Sacrifice Can Put her on the Altar
Sarcófago Bra Nights in Hell 2001
Satyricon Nor Ten Horns - Ten Diadems 2002
Shub Niggurath Mex Horror Creatures 2002
Silent Death Mal Harbinger of Devastation 1999
Sol Negro Usa Hellish Furnace 2002
Stalaggh Projekt Nihil
Surrender of Divinity Tha Oriental Hell Rhythmics 2000
Surrender of Divinity / Sabbat Tha / Jap Sabbatical Siamese Christ Beheading 2006
Terror Squad Jap The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin 1999
Terrorizer Usa From The Tomb 2003
Terveet Kädet Fin Onnellisia Kytkentöjä 1980 - 2000 2002
The Chasm  Usa Reaching the Veil of Death 2001
The Chasm  Usa Conjuration of the Spectral Empire 2003
The Chasm  Usa Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph 1998
The Forgotten Usa L..aldila 2001
The Meads of Asphodel / Mayhem Jihad / Freezing Moon
The Spawn of Satan / Bloodsick Usa S/T
The True Endless / Goat Horns Ita / Eng S/T 2002
Thesyre / Corpus Christii Por F.O.A.D.
Thorns vs. Emperor Nor S/T
Thornspawn Usa Wrath of War 2002
Thornspawn Usa Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel 2005
Thornspawn Usa Infernal Allegiance - First Possession 2004
Thy Antichrist Col Wicked Testimonies 2004
Total Hate Ger Total Hate 2004
Transgressor Jap Recollected Limbs 2001
Unholy Archangel Gre The Wrath of Kosmosistis 2001
Utuk Xul Col The Goat of the Black Possession 2003
Utuk Xul / Mephiztophel Col S/T 2005
V.A. Tribute to the Idols: Angel Reaper and Fantom 2006: Best Songs of Angel Reaper and Fantom presented by their followers: Acidity Regulator, Age of Agony, Diecold, Dusk, Evoked Curse, Labyrinth of Abyss, Ravenshades, Siculicidium, Warkult…!!!
V.A. Ultra Violence 2000 Death Black Brutal Metal Apocalypse!!! Hordes: Rotten Corpse, Athotorgh, Hayagriva, Tandus, Bazzah, Cryptic Malediction!!!
V.A. Fin Primitive Finland 2003 Unholy Black Metal from Finland: Annihilatus, Baptism, Blasphemous Evil, Bloodhammer, Clandestine Blaze, Incriminated!!!
Varathron Gre His Majesty at the Swamp 1997
Venom Eng Possessed 2002
Venom Eng At War with Satan 2002
Venom Eng Welcome to Hell 2002
Vlad Tepes Fra Black Legions Spirits 2005
Voivod Can First Voivod Show 25/06/83 2003
VolkienBlucht Usa To Consume the Darkness Whole 2003
Watain Swe Rabid Death..s Curse 2004
Whiplash Usa Insult to Injury + Live 1999
Whiplash Usa Messages in Blood
Witchburner Ger German Thrashing War 2002
Witchtrap Col Sorceress Bitch 2002
Wolfen Society Usa Conquer Divine 2001
Wounds Fin Chaos Theory 2002