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Angel Reaper Hun "Exhumált Világ" Demonstrációs Anyag 1992
Beherit / Impaled Nazarene Fin Day of Darkness Festifall - Live 23-8-91 Oulu, Finland
Bloodsaw Baphomet Usa Rites of the Unholy Black Hell Cult 2003
Diabolic Witchcraft Rus Demonic War Necrocarnage (Demo #1) 2003
Exsecratum / Imago Mortis Ita Brixheim 2002
Hell Spirit Fin Demo 1 2005
Imago Mortis / Exsecratum Ita Brixheim 2002
Impaled Nazarene / Beherit Fin Day of Darkness Festifall - Live 23-8-91 Oulu, Finland
Infernal Col Live 2002
Sarcófago Bra Nights in Hell
Slugathor Fin Promo 2002 2002
V.A Black Vomits II: The Name of the ancient demons 2006: Black Death Metal Insanity: Besatt, Regnum Umbra Ignis, Satanic Death, Holokaust666, Negro Altar, Angel Rape, Levifer, Ammit, Necromessiah, Morbid, Venom!!!
V.A. Burning Winds / Kerberos / Misanthropy - Where Darkness Reigns: Limited to 333 copies!!! Morbid and Chaotic Metal Chants of Blasphemy and Satanic Possession!!!
V.A. Ita Underground Italian Tribute to Burzum: A man, a band, a symbol : Limited to 500 units!!! Italian Homage to Varg Vikernes/Burzum: Malvento, Profezia, Masche, A Forest, Pagan Warrior 88, Noctifer, Oraculum, Sinfonica Notte,...!!!
War Hammer Command / Wargrinder Bra / Gre Slaughter is my Regime / Superior Onslaught 2003
Wargrinder / War Hammer Command Gre / Bra Superior Onslaught / Slaughter is my Regime 2003