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ALL HORDES MERCHANDISE FROM ALL TIMES IN ONE DAP666 METAL STORE: NWOBHM, Old School Metal,70s, 80s, Heavy, Traditional, Black, Death, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Horror, Gore, Grindcore...!!!


Abigail Jap Spell of the Pentagram Includes Bulldozer covers!!! Live in Tokyo, may 4th, 1998 + 
Abigail Jap Posesion Demoniaca (Live + Reh) Limited to 1000 copies!!! Live in Tokyo 1998 +
Acrimonious Gre Unholy Cult Demonic Limited to 500 copies!!! Unholy Raw Black Metal!
Ammit  Chi Steel Inferno Includes Steel Inferno Lp 1998!!! Southamerican Black Metal !
Anal Vomit Per Pregnancy Rotten Masturbator 1993 Grind Death From Peru!!! Demo 1!!!
Anal Vomit Per Sudamerica Brutal Barbaric Death Metal!!! Procover!!! Tracks from Comp cd.
Angra Mainyu Ger The Art of Blasphemy Blasphemous Raw Black Metal Worship!!!
Antichrist Terrorist Czech Rep Nikdy Nnepoklekneme Pred Verizovanym 1997.
Anxious Death Fin The Great Faceless Beast 2003 Raw Obscure Death Metal Visions of Perversity!!!
Arghoslent Usa Galloping through the Battle Ruins Deathellish Metal Militant Hymns!!!
Athanor Ita Triumph of the Dark Power Raw Black Metal Demonic Nights!!!
Atomicide Chi Crushing Son of a Bitch 2005 Limited to 500 copies!!! Raw Southamerican Black Metal War!!!
Bael Bol Caída de Cristo 2005 Raw Black Metal Obscurity!!!
Beherit Fin Demonomancy -  demo 2 - 1990 Rare Edition!!! Unholy Black Metal Kult!!!
Beherit Fin The True Spirit of… Rare Edition!!! Includes True Beherit Tracks from The seven blasphemy..
Beherit Fin Live in Oulu 23.08.91 Bootleg!!! Limited to 200 copies!!! Red Pack/Cover!!!
Bemdesar Bol En el Nombre de Satanas…!!! Limited to 666!!! Raw Unholy Black Metal Battles!!!
Bestial Desecration / Nocturnal Ger Thrashing Rage Includes Bestial Desecration Live Ritual 2000..
Bethor / Moloch Gre S/T Limited to 666 copies!!! Raw Primitive Black Metal Penetration!!!
Black Angel Per Rites 1997 Raw Ugly Black!!! Pro Cover!!!
Black Mass Ger Hymns for the Sabbat 2004 Limited to 200 copies!!!
Bloodsaw Baphomet Usa Black Easter Ritual Raw Black Metal Holocaust Ritual!!!!
Butcher ABC / Death Smell Jap / Chi  Butchered at Birth Day / The Gift of Blasphemy Insane Brutal!
Cantus Infame Bra  Satanic Inquisition Revenge is the Call Includes 2 demo tapes!!! Unholy Raw Black!
Carcass Eng Zombie Grind Over Liverpool Bootleg! Limted to 651 copies! Recorded Live in the PlanetX!
Chaosbaphomet Gre Temple of the Serpent Baphomet Limited to 600 copies!!! Raw Black Metal Krushing!
Church Bizarre Den Demo 2004 2004 Raw Thrash Metal Attack!!! Includes Nunslaughter Cover!!!
Crucifire Aus Unblessed Unto Hatred 2003 Unholy Brutal Death Metal Domination!!!
Cryfemal Spa Raising Deads, Burning Alives 2003 Raw Black Metal  Storms!!!
Cryptic Slaughter Usa Life in Grave + Stream of Consciousness Rare Edition!!! Includes Life in grave!
C.V.I. / Stomacal Inflamation Bra Cut in Pieces / Delightful Splattered Vagina Raw Brutal Death Grind!
Daemonlord Spa Hellfire Centuries 2005 Unholy Raw BlackDeath Metal Glory!!!
Daemonlord Spa Of War and Hate Includes Bonus Tracks taken from "Aarstrand" 7"ep 2002!!! Demonic!
Darkthrone Nor Goatlord Perversion Bootleg! Limted to 359 copies! Recorded Live in Finland 1992!!!
Death Usa Death by Metal -  Reign of Terror Rare Edition!!! Includes demo 1+demo2
Death Usa Infernal Death - Back from the Dead - Mutilation Rare Edition!!! Includes demo 3+4+5
Death Usa Rehearsals (Mantas) Rare Edition!!! Includes Mantas rehearsals 1984 + July 1984 + 1986!!!
Death Skull Chi Nocturnal Desecrate Rituals 2005 Limited to 666 copies!!! Nocturnal Death Black !
Death Smell / Butcher ABC Chi / Jap The Gift of Blasphemy / Butchered at Birth Day  Insane Brutal!
Death Thrashers Kuopio Fin Necromancy... Blood... Vengeance 2003 HellThrashing Apocalypse!!!
Decayed Por Ataque Profano Limited to 269 copies!!! Unholy Raw Black Metal Prayers!!!
Demoncy Usa Joined in Darkness Limited to 500 copies!!! Official License from Sombre Recs.
Demoncy Usa Faustian Dawn Limited to 500 copies!!! Official License from Sombre Recs.
Demonic War Spa Die in the Pentagram 2004 Unholy Raw Krushing Black Metal Attack in Satan!
Denial of God Den The Ghouls of DOG 2000 Horror Metal Terror!! Includes Mayhem + Sylvester !
Detestor Ita Dark Reality 1993 Death Metal Kill!!!
Embrace of Thorns Gre The Inevitable Twilight of the Judeochristian Lie Blasphemous Raw Black!
Embrace of Thorns Gre Stench of the deceased martyrs (adv. Tape 2004) 2004 Handnumbered!!!
Empty Spa A Source of Hollow Essence 2003 Unholy Raw Black Metal Echoes!!!
Enforcer Chi Violent Speed Rehearsal 2002 Violent Thrash Metal Speed Assault!!!
Envenom Mal Envisioned..The Hellternity 2007 Debut Demo Tape 2007. Invoking The Eternal!
Et Verbi Sathanus Chi To the Battle or Die!!! 2004 Limited to 666 copies!!! Incl Live Bonus Track!!!
Goat Semen Per S/T 2003 Demo 1!!! Southamerican Terrorist Death Black Destructive Holocaust!!!
Grand Belial´s Key Usa Judeobeast Assassination 2003 Limited to 500 copies!!! Black War Metal!
Grave Desecrator Bra Demo 01 2002 Desecrating Black Metal Destruction!!!
Grave Throne Sal Demo 1 2004 Raw Primitive Black Metal War!!!
Hadez Per Extreme Badness on the World Southamerican Ugly Raw Metal Hell!!!
Huginn Ita In the Land of the Old Hills 2000 Raw Metal from Underworld!!! Includes Bathory Cover!!!
Human Waste Spa Twelve Years of Depression 2002 Raw Death Metal Praise!!!
Impaled Nazarene Fin Live in the Name of Satan 1990 Bootleg!!! Total Chaotic Goat Metal Perversion!!!
Imperial Fra Aggressors…not followers 2005 Compilation of Rare and Unreleased tracks + Rehs.
Imperio Nocturno Bol Opus 1999 Raw Black Metal Abyss!!!
Infernal Command Par Demo I 2006 Deathrash Metal Obscurity and Slaughter!!!
Inferno Czech Rep Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 Limited to 300 copies!!!
Inferno / Moonblood Czech Rep / Ger Ve Znameni Ohne / Kingdom Under Funeral Skies Limited!
Inner Helvete Por Glorification of the Unholy Lord 2001 Unholy Black Chaos and Supreme Noise!!!
Inquisition Col Forever Under 1993 Raw Hellthrash Metal Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaltes Hun Starchariot 1999 Pagan Metal!!!
Kozmik Krypt / Slejpnir Gre Funeral of Morality 2005 Limited to 500 copies!!! Incl. bonus tracks!
Levifer Per Tribute to the Supreme Beast 2000 Southamerican Death Black Hell!!!!
Lord Blasphemy Bol Supremo del Abismo 2003 Limited to 666!!! Raw Black Metal Lust!!!
Lord Foul Bra Marchando Sove a Profana Sinfonia de Guerra 2006 Limited to 333 copies!!!
Lucifugum Ukr Kreumo Isouzma Raw Deathrashing Metal Terror!!!
Malvento Ita Sacro Martirio 2001 Raw Black Metal Desecration!!!
Malvento Ita Ignis Bellum Mors 2001 Raw Black Metal Plague!!!
Malvento / The True Endless  Ita The Early Days of the Armageddon 2002 Raw Black Metal Hatred!!!
Maniac Winds / Sacrifix  Chi Maniac Winds versus Sacrifix 2004 Raw Thrash Black Metal War!!!
Mastifal Arg Holocausto Mental 2003 Includes tracks from 1999, 2000 + new album 2003
Mayhem Nor De Mysteriis dom Sathanas Rare Edition!!! Cursed Metal in Eternity!!!
Mesemon Ecrof Bra Disgrace of War 2003 Brutal Death Metal Destruction!!!
Messiah Swi Power Thrash / The Infernal Thrashing Rare Edition!!! Includes power thrash 1985 + live.
Metal King Col Only Metal Rules 2004 Includes tracks from "Worship to the real metal" 7"ep +
Militia of Death Chi Ready to Destroy and Kill 2006 Limited to 100 copies!!! Total War Deathrash!
Moloch / Bethor Gre S/T Limited to 666 copies!!! Raw Primitive Black Metal Penetration!!!
Moonblood Ger Dusk Woerot 2000 Unholy Raw Black Metal Okkult Assault!!!
Moonblood / Inferno Ger / Czech Rep Kingdom Under Funeral Skies / Ve Znameni Ohne
Moonblood Ger Fullmoon Witchery Total Raw Black Metal Darkness under the Goatmoon!!!!
Morbosidad Usa Bajo el engendro del crucificado Limited to 666 copies!!! Unholy Bestial Black!
Napalm Death  Usa Live Obliteration of Scum Bootleg! Limted to 651 copies! Recorded Live!
Nasty Savage Usa Wage of Mayhem Rare Edition!!! Recorded at Progressive Music Studios!
Necromancy Bol Satan Crush Useless God 2005 Re-edition of demo 1994 + Bonus Track 1994
Necromancy Bol Into Apocalipsis 2005 Re-edition of demo 1995!!! Raw Apocalyptic Black!
Necropsia Chi …for the old times 2004 Raw Primitive Black Metal Hate!!!
Necropsia Chi Unholy Attacks from Hell… Limited to 666 copies!!! Includes Tracks from Promo
Neurosis Col Mas alla de la Demencia 1991 Old HellThrash Metal War!!!
Nocturnal / Bestial Desecration Ger Thrashing Rage Includes Bestial Desecration Live Ritual 2000 +
Nocturnal Graves Aus Deathstorm 2004 Deathrashing Metal Hell from Australia!!!
Nocturnal Graves Aus Profanation of Innocence 2004 Aggresive Deathrash Metal Extermination!!!
Nocturnal Vomit Gre Infernal Ascension of the Gods 2003 Iron Goat Warfare Command!!!
Nordreich Skatvals Raw Pagan Metal Hell!!!
Nunslaughter Usa Ritual Darkness demo 1987+ Reh 1987 Limited to 666 copies!!! Raw Ugly Death!
Obskure Torture Den Necro Rituals 2004 Limited to 22 copies!!! Necro Metal Funeral!!!
Okkultum Magnificentia Ita Aeon 2000 Raw Unholy Metal Kill!!!
Prevail Usa S/T 2000 Raw Unholy Death Metal Violence!!!
Primeval mass Gre Enlightened Black Gnosis 2004 Limited to 500 copies!!! Burial Black Metal!
Sabbat Jap Sabbatical Rites 2004 Limited to 500 copies!!! Includes the Sabbat 7" Singles Collection!!!
Sacrifix / Maniac Winds Chi Sacrifix versus Maniac Winds 2004 Raw Thrash Black Metal War!!!
Sadistik Exekution Aus The Magus Sadistikly Raw Bombastic Metal Storms of Chaos and Blood!!!
Sanctum Regnum Bol Satan..s Flesh 1996 Raw Death Black Metal Aberrations!!!
Saram Per Sinners 1998 Maniac Metal!!! Anal Vomit Guitarrist..s Proyect!!!
Sarcofago Bra Nights in Hell Bootleg!!! Total Kult Nightmare!!!  Shows in Brazil 1986, 87...
Seges Findere Bra Wolves in Battlelust 2001 Black Descrating Holocaust!!!!
Sheolgeenna Chi S/T Brutal Death Metal Shadows!!!
Silva Nigra Czech Rep Chlad Noci 2002 Raw Black Metal Bombs!!!!
Skoll Ita Through the Mists of Time + Live 20/11/98 e.v. 2000 Bloodstorming Heathen Warriors!!!
Slejpnir / Kozmik Krypt Gre Funeral of Morality 2005 Incl. bonus tracks + mayhem cover!!!
Spite Extreme Wing Ita Spite Extreme Wing 1999 Raw Black Metal in Battle!!!
Stomacal Inflamation / C.V.I. Bra Cut in Pieces / Delightful Splattered Vagina Raw Brutal Death!
Terrorama Swe Horrid Efface  Old Raw Black Krushing Metal Insanity!!!
The Second Coming Ita Opus I 2001 Raw Black Metal Kill!!!
The True Endless Ita Live and Raw 2001 Raw Killing Black Metal Nightfall!!
The True Endless / Malvento Ita The Early Days of the Armageddon 2002 Raw Black Metal!
Throneum Pol Bestial Antihuman Evil 2003 Limited to 500 copies!!! Krushing Death Black!
Toxic Holocaut Usa Toxic Thrash Metal Includes  7"ep 2004 + advanced tracks...
Treblinka Swe Live Stockholm - Sweden 07-04-89 Bootleg!!! Unholy Metal Cruelty Vomits!!!
Typhon Col Unholy Trilogy Rare Edition!!! Evil and Lust Satanic Warfare fukking Christ!!!
V.A. Doomed by the Moonknights 2002 Hellkrushing Attacks from Levifer, Goat Semen..
Valhalla Aus Power & Might Raw Hellthrash Metal War!!!
Vedervärdig Nor Demons 2002 Macabre Death Black Destructive Metal Holocaust!!!
Victimizer Den Skullfucked by victimizer 2001 Unholy Deathrash Metal Weapons!!!
Victimizer Den 5 Years of Violence and Skullcrushing 2005 Includes Tracks from reh demo 2000...
Victimizer Den Unholy Banners of War 2001 HellKrushing Black Warfare!!!
Violent Attack Par Demo 2003 2003 Infernal Thrash Metal Hate!!!
Vlad Tepes Fra Black Legions Spirits War Funeral March in the Grey Mist of a Fullmoon Night !!!
Vomitor Aus Neutron Hammer Includes Neutron Hammer 7"ep + reh 6-9-1999 cassette!!!
War Master Por Eternal War 1999 Unholy War Slaughter!!!