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ALL HORDES MERCHANDISE FROM ALL TIMES IN ONE DAP666 METAL STORE: NWOBHM, Old School Metal,70s, 80s, Heavy, Traditional, Black, Death, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Horror, Gore, Grindcore...!!!

Sizes: 3,5 cm = 1.4" of Diameter!
Price: 2.50 usd / 2 euros each!
10 units = 1.99 usd / 1.53 euros each:

Abhorer Upheaval of Blasphemy
Abigail Logo
Abruptum Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me
Abruptum Logo
Absu Logo
Amputation Demo 90
Anatomy Moyen Art
Archgoat Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)
Arcturus My Angel Ep
Asphyx Embrace the Death
Assassin (Ger) The Upcoming Terror
Autopsy Ridden with Disease
Autopsy Mental Funeral
Bathory Logo
Bathory The Return…
Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark
Bathory Goat
Beherit The Oath of Black Blood
Beherit Goatart from Split w/ Deathyell
Beherit Drawing Down The Moon
Bestial Summoning Logo
Black Witchery Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom
Bulldozer The Day of Wrath
Bulldozer Logo
Burzum Logo
Burzum S/T
Burzum Aske Ep
Celtic frost Morbid Tales
Celtic frost To Mega Therion
Chakal Abominable Anno Domini
Conqueror War Cult Supremacy
Corpse Molestation Descension of a Darker Deity
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Darkthrone Crossing the Triangle of Flames
Darkthrone Logo
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
Desaster Tyrants of the Netherworld
Destroyer 666 Violence is the Prince of this World
Destruction Logo
Destruction Infernal Overkill
Destruction Eternal Devastation
Destruction Sentence Of Death 
Dorsal Atlantica Antes do fim
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse
Emperor Logo
Exciter Kill after Kill
Exodus Bonded by Blood
Exodus Die by his Hand
Expulser Fornications
Goat Semen Horde
Gorgoroth A Sorcery written in Blood ´93 & Promo ´94 Cd Cover!
Gorgoroth Pentagram
Gorgoroth Antichrist
Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell
Gospel of the Hornes  Eve of the Conqueror
Havohej Dethrone the Son of God
Havohej Unholy Darkness and Impurity
Hellhammer Logo
Hellhammer Triumph of Death 
Hellhammer Apocalyptic Raids
Hellhammer Satanic Rites
Holocausto Campo de Exterminio
Holocausto War Metal
Immortal Damned in Black
Immortal Logo
Immortal Battles in the North
Impaled Nazarene Logo
Impaled Nazarene Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz
Impaled Nazarene Ugra-Karma
Impaler The Mutants Rise Again
Impurity (Bra) The Lamb's Fury
Infernal Majesty None Shall Defy
Inquisition Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan
Iron Maiden Logo
King Diamond Logo
Kreator Coma of Souls
Kreator Endless Pain 
Kreator Out Of The Dark Into The Light 
Kreator Pleasure to Kill 
Krieg Tormenting Necrometal
Levifer Tribute to the Supreme Beast
Maniac Butcher Logo
Marduk Those of the Unlight
Master Collection of Souls
Master´s Hammer Ritual
Master’s Hammer Logo
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem Logo
Mayhem Deathcrush
Merciless Logo
Merciless The Awakening
Mercyful Fate Time
Morbid Logo
Morbid December Moon
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness
Morbid Angel Logo
Morbosidad Logo
Mortem (Nor) Slow Death Ep
Motörhead Logo - Hammered
Mutiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Mutilator Immortal Force
Mystifier  Wicca
Necrófago (Bra) Brutal Mutilation
Necromantia Logo
Necromantia Demo 93
Necromantia From the Past We Summon Thee
Necronomicon (Ger) S/T
Necrovore Rare logo
Necrovore Kult logo
Nuclear Death Bride of Insect
Order from Chaos Logo
Poison (Ger) Bestial Death
Possessed Seven Churches
Possessed Beyond The Gates
Profanatica Collection
Revenge Attack, Blood, Revenge
Rigor Mortis S/T
Sabbat Satanasword
Sacrifice Logo
Sadus Swallowed in Black
Samael Worship him
Sarcófago Inri
Sarcófago Satanic Lust
Sepultura Schizophrenia
Sepultura  Bestial Devastation
Sepultura  Morbid Visions 
Sextrash Sexual Carnage
Sextrash Logo
Sextrash XXX
Slaughter Surrender or die
Slaughter Strappado
Slaughter Lord Thrash ´till Death
Slayer Show No Mercy
Slayer Haunting The Chapel
Slayer Hell Awaits
Slayer Logo
Sodom In The Sign of Evil
Sodom Obssessed by Cruelty 
Thornspawn Wrath of War
Tormentor (Hun) Logo
Unholy Archangel Logo
Venom Logo
Venom Black Metal
Venom  Welcome To Hell 
Voivod War and Pain
Von Satanic Blood
Vulcano Logo
Vulcano Angel with Axe
Wasp Wasp
Whiplash Ticket to Mayhem