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Highest Quality Pressed on Black Ground:
Size: 40 x 33 cm = 16" x 13,2" aprox.
Price: 9 usd = 8.3 euros:





 Abhorer (sin) Upheaval of Blasphemy
Abruptum (nor) Logo
Abruptum (nor) Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me
Absu (usa) ...And Shineth Unto the Cold Cometh Single 1995
Absu (usa) Temple of Offal
Angelcorpse (usa) Goats to Azazel
Anvil Bitch (usa) demo 1985
Archgoat (fin) Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)
Archgoat (fin) Satanic Crusader
Archgoat (fin) Tour of the Black Moon
Armagedda (usa) The Final War Approaching
Aura Noir (nor) Black Thrash Attack
Autopsy (usa) Critical madness demo 1988
Bathory (swe) Goat
Bathory (swe) Quorthon into the Pentagram
Beherit (fin) Goatpriest
Beherit (fin) The Oath of Black Blood
Bestial Summoning (hol) The Dark War Has Begun
Bestial Warlust (aus) Logo
Black Shepherd (bel) Welcome demo 1989
Blasphemy  (can) Fallen Angel of Doom
Blasphemy (can) Blood Upon the Altar
Blasphemy (can) Demon Breaking Cross
Blasphemy (can) Goat Breaking Cross
Blasphemy (can) The Final Armageddon
Blitzkrieg (uk) Buried Alive single 1981
Bulldozer (ita) Old logo
Burzum (nor) Burzum
Burzum (nor) Coming Soon -to a Church NEAR YOU!
Burzum (nor) Once Emperor
Carpathian Forest (nor) Strange Old Brew Lp Cover
Celtic Frost (swi) Logo
Cirith Ungol (usa) Demo 1979
Conqueror (can) Anti-christ Superiority demo 1996
Conqueror (can) War Cult Supremacy (Bone Skull)
Conqueror (can) War Cult Supremacy (WarGoat on Horse)
Coroner (swi) Death Cult demo 1986
Covenant (nor) From the Storm of Shadows demo 1994
Darkthrone (nor) A Blaze in the northern sky
Darkthrone (nor) Crossing the Triangle of Flames
Darkthrone (nor) Logo
Darkthrone (nor) Transilvanian Hunger
Darkthrone (nor) Under a Funeral Moon
Desolation Angels (uk) Demo 1 1980
Devil Lee Rot (swe) Logo
Diamond Head (uk) logo
Diamond Head (uk) Sweet & Innocent Single 1980
Discharge (uk) demo 1977
Dream Death (usa) demo 1986
Elixir (uk) Treachery (Ride Like the Wind) Single 1985
Emperor (nor) Emperor Ep 1993 (Death on Horse)
Exhorder (usa) Get Rude demo 1986
Exodus (usa) Die by his Hand
Expulser (bra) Logo
Exumer (ger) A Mortal in Black Demo 1985
Goat Semen (per) Demo 1
Goat Semen (per) Horde
Goatvomit (gre) Carnal Blasphemy demo 1
Gorgoroth (nor) A sorcery written in blood 93
Gorgoroth (nor) Antichrist
Gorgoroth (nor) Pentagram
Graveland (pol) Drunemeton demo 1992
Havohej (usa) Unholy Darkness and Impurity
Hellhammer (swi) Heptagram
Hellhammer (swi) Satanic Rites
Hellhammer (swi) Triumph of Death
Holocaust (uk) The Nightcomers
Holocausto (bra) War Metal
Horna (nor) Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua
Immolation (usa) logo
Immortal (nor) demo 1981
Impaled Nazarene (fin) Goat Perversion Ep 1992
Infernal Majesty (can) logo
Infernum (pol) ...Taur-Nu-Fuin...
Isengard (nor) Logo
Jaguar (uk) Axe Crazy
Katharsis (ger) Kruzifixxion
King Diamond  (Den) Logo
Levifer (per) Tribute to the Supreme Beast
Marduk (swe) Logo
Masters Hammer (czech rep) Logo
Mayhem (nor) De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem (nor) Last Breath (last recording with Dead) Digipack Artwork (Dead & Euronymous)
Mayhem (nor) Live in Leipzig Digipack Artwork (Dead with Candles)
Mayhem (nor) Pure fucking Armageddon
Merciless (swe) Behind the Black Door demo 1987
Mercyful Fate (Den) Melissas Nightmare 7"ep Design
Moonblood (ger) Blut & Krieg
Moonblood (ger) Fullmoon witchery
Morbid (swe) Logo
Mortem (nor) Slow Death
Mortem (per) Superstition
Motörhead (uk) England
Mütiilation (fra) 1992-2002 Ten Years of Depressive Destruction
Mutiilation (fra) Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Mutilator (bra) Immortal Force
Mutilator (bra) Logo
Mystifier (bra) Logo
Nargaroth (ger) Black Metal ist Krieg
Nasty Savage (usa) Logo
Necrófago (bra) Brutal Mutilation
Necromantia (gre) Demo 93
Necromantia (gre) From the Past We Summon Thee
Necromantia / Varathron (gre) Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins
Necronomicon (ger) Logo
Necrovore (usa) Logo
Nehemah (fra) Nehemah demo 2001
Nifelheim (swe) Unholy Death 7"ep
Nihilist (swe) Drowned
Nihilist (swe) Hooded Death
Nuclear Assault (usa) Logo
Nuclear Death (usa) Bride of Insect
Old Funeral (nor) Abduction of Limbs demo 1990
Onslaught (uk) Power from Hell
Onslaught (uk) The Force
Order from Chaos (usa) Logo
Pentagram (chl) Logo
Pest (swe) Blasphemy is my Throne EP 2002
Possessed (usa) Logo
Profanatica (usa) Broken Throne of Christ
Profanatica (usa) Live Cd Design
Protector (ger) logo
Razor (can) Armed and Dangerous
Revenge (can) Superion.Command.Destroy
Rigor Mortis (usa) Demo 86
Rigor Mortis (usa) Rigor Mortis
Rotting Christ (gre) Ade´s Winds...demo 1992
Running Wild (ger) Logo
Sacrifice (can) The Exorcism demo 1985
Sadus (usa) Death to Posers demo 1986
Samael (swi) Medieval Prophecy
Sarcófago (bra) Baphomet
Sarcófago (bra) Satanic Lust
Satanic Warmaster (fin) Strength and Honour
Savage Grace (usa) Logo
Sextrash (bra) XXX
Sigh (jpn) Scorn Defeat
Slaughter (can) Surrender or die
Slaughter Lord (aus) Taste of Blood demo 1986
Sodom (ger) Logo
Terrorizer (usa) From the Tomb Rehs 87 Rare Artwork
Torgeist (fra) Logo
Tormentor (Hun) Logo
Treblinka (swe) Crawling in Vomits demo 1988
Treblinka (swe) Logo Severe Abomination
Tsjuder (nor) Atum Nocturnem Ep 1999
Tsjuder (nor) Desert Northern Hell
Usurper (usa) Skeletal Season
Usurper (usa) Visions from the Gods
Varathron / Necromantia (gre) Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins
Venom (uk) Logo
Violent Force (ger) logo
Vlad Tepes (fra) Black Legions Spirits
Voivod (can) Anachronism demo 1983
Von (usa) Satanic blood
Vulcano (bra) Angel with Axe
Warlock (ger) Logo
Witchfynde (uk) Logo




Highest Quality Embroidery on Black Ground:
Size: 30 cm width =  12" width aprox.
Price: 19 usd = 17.5 euros: